Minecraft - the game that changed everything

Few games are as full and, in turn, throw as simple as Minecraft, a mass phenomenon that has captivated millions of players around the world.

This title of construction in the open world, acquired by Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion, has given a boost to the Independent Games, those taken from home furnaces, in theory with few resources, but with a lot of imagination.

Under this retro aesthetic, with 8-bit pixelated images reminiscent of the first consoles, a game of high performance is hidden, with significant levels of experimentation and, above all, with an incredible power of concentration. Prehistoric, in its essence, avant-garde in its philosophy, since it offers the demanded freedom that increasingly permeates games. No one wants to be directed. No one wants to be guided; we all hope to build our future.

And so it has been because more than four hundred thousand players cannot be wrong when they decide to spend hours and hours taking items for their enlargements. Behind it, all in the community, which makes it durable. Thousands of users hang on their YouTube, and social media profiles their creations, their parodies, creating an increasingly extensive map.

Blocks and apparent Lego pieces are their values. That’s why it attracts both children and adults. Game consumption has changed dramatically in recent years with the popularization of the internet and smart mobile devices. One has given up the habit of long game sessions in front of the TV or computer to pass to eat small portions of games throughout the day. And Minecraft has managed to unify both concepts with a proposal for all audiences, for any time of day and the most demanding.

It’s a remarkably inhabited cubic world. At the first change, nothing more to start the game, everything seems to move in silence, but to overcome a few hours of play, one verifies its vast possibilities. Here you can do what you want. There is no main objective, and there is no conclusion, it is a whole world of essays where the game can be based on three principles: survival, pastime, or creativity.

Therefore, the game gives the option to carefully explore the maps (generated randomly), recovering materials of all kinds to manufacture the elements, although one will have to face, in a change of environment, hostile creatures. Coexistence is apparent, but as far as possible, it is preferable to avoid conflict.

After passing as a roller among millions of players, “Minecraft” was launched on the market in mobile format for touch devices, with versions for iOS and Android devices. And social support has been the majority. Over 54 million copies of the game have been downloaded in all versions (PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, iOS and Android). More than four hundred thousand recurring players are the basis he has acquired, behind everything. The adept community is its high value.

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