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What is Voxel Builder?

Open source tool that lets anyone design and edit 3D voxel.

How it Works?

Use the Builder to create and edit voxel (AKA cube) models.

What is the Purpose?

Use Voxel Builder to Create the most interesting Online Games.


Welcome to the best voxel builder tools. This is an open source builder that allows you to build, design, edit, and do modeling of any 3D voxel model using an online browser known as an online voxel editor.

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3D Game Design Basics

The voxel builder is an awesome way to transform your ideas into a 3D voxel model, presenting it in a new style without losing your instinct and creativity while modeling. With the proper use of voxel art, you can achieve great things in minutes. This is because it is very easy to transform ideas into reality using critter creator. Simply select a cube, drag, draw, and then paint them to build modeling of your idea.

3D game graphics refers to the feature of video game which its modeling has three directional dimensions. A voxel builder is a key tool to build 3D games. Basic game design theories include:

  1. Coordinate system: 3d pixel maker represents objects in space using the coordinate system. The coordinate system uses the x, y, and z-axis points for modeling. These points define a typical 3d art maker with the x-axis pointing to the right, the y-axis points up, and the z-axis points out of the screen.
  2. Objects: different types of objects are built with a 3d art maker using vertices. Vertex refers to a point in space that has its own 3-dimensional coordinate system. Every vertex is described by; Position, Color, Normal, and Texture.
  3. Rendering pipeline: this refers to the process by which images are prepared by a shape generator and output onto the screen. Terminologies associated with rendering pipeline modeling include:
  4. Primitive: this is built from vertices. It can be a line, a triangle, or a point.
  5. Fragment: refers to a 3d art maker projection which has the characteristics of a pixel
  6. Pixel: referring to the screen arranged in a 2D grid.
  7. Vertex Processing: this involves combining the information about individual vertices into primitive and setting their coordinate in the block builder 3d space.
  8. Rasterization: this converts primitives into a set of fragments. Those fragments in the block builder 3d projections are aligned to the pixel grid so they can be printed out eventually.
  9. Fragment processing: it focuses on lighting and texture. It calculates final colors based on the given modeling parameters.
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The Best Video Games Created With Voxel

The research result has it that over 1400 games have been built by the voxel builder. Examples of such include:

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  1. Lego world: the game focus on modeling the world around you, building structures out of the voxel model.
  2. 7 days to die: other voxel builder games are usually based on creativity and exploration but this focuses on survival. You learn to use weapons and defend yourself against zombies
  3. Trove: focuses on immediate gratification. Explore the endless world created with voxel builder and try for loots.
  4. Space Engineer: a great game about engineering and space survival.
  5. Minecraft: a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.

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Minecraft – The Video Game That Changed The Industry

Minecraft is arguably the best voxel builder based game even in Online Casino and has become iconic because of its originality. Aside from the long time it takes to learn what items are needed on the game and the lack of story mode, it has no other con.

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The Popularity of Voxel Games

The popularity of voxel game makers over the years is quite impressive. The most successful of all voxel art is the Minecraft. The record has it that Minecraft sold about 7,086 copies in 24 hours after it was released. It is also said to have sold more than 70 million copies and still selling. Researchers have attributed this success to the art program and the creativity of the voxel builder game. As a creator and player, knowing you put thoughts into conquering or exploring the world makes it attractive to many.

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