3D Game Design

Nowadays no person in the world has never played any game on the computer, console or even on your mobile device. The truth is that the video game development market is booming, more and more people and companies are embarking on the adventure of creating games.

But the truth is that making a video game is a complicated task because you need programming, design, and animation skills, as well as overcoming different challenges when creating a new game.

But luckily there are different environments with which we can make our simple games with which to start in the world of video game development.


This software was initially called StencylWorks, while in the development of the latest versions for the public it was decided that the name should be shortened by calling itself Stencyl. Stencyl is a 2D video game creation platform. This platform allows us to create video games from Linux, OS X, and Windows for various platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. The method of use is based on Drag and Drop using different blocks with different functionalities. However, for those more advanced users, you also have the option to extend features through code.


KDevelop is a free-code 2D video game creation program. With this environment, we can create games for Windows, Linux, and even for the web using HTML5. Like Stencyl, it has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. On your website, we can find many examples and tutorials to learn how to use this tool ideally and thus start the creation process. What makes GDevelop unique and so easy to use are the events, as these use a form of express the logic of our game without having to learn a programming language thoroughly.


To finish this section, we will present PyGame, the game development environment in Pyton. It has a very retro aesthetic, but yet its modules are compelling. The truth is, it’s perfect to start programming video games and learn how different variables and screens work. With PyGame we will find more programming than in the previous ones because it is an indispensable requirement for developing video games. It can also be used to create other multimedia programs or graphical user interfaces.

Unity 3D

Considered by many the best means to create and design a video game. With Unity 3D we will be able to release versions of our future video game for Xbox, PC, Linux, HTML5, iOS, Android, Play Station, BlackBerry, Samsung TV and one of the features that makes it compelling is the integration of C#language. This development environment has a 3D game design engine and a different one for 2D games. Finally, we will have a very extensive library with documentation to start learning how to get started in the process of creating an original game.

Unreal Engine

In the old days, this development environment came with the games created in this Publisher when it came out on the market so that the player who wanted to edit the contents of the game and even the scenarios and create new modes of play. But the business model was changed and can now be downloaded for free, with the addition that if your game exceeds 3,000 dollars of profits, from that moment Unreal would take a percentage of profits. The environment is very similar to that of Unity 3D, allowing us to add geometric shapes to the stage and then have their textures, interaction without a doubt a great competitor for Unity 3D and very useful for Game Developers and creators.

CryEngine 3

Sure, you sound this name. This is because it is the environment in which the games of the Crysis saga have been created. With this editor, we will be able to develop games for the most critical platforms in the world, including consoles. It has many game development tools ranging from the visual Scripting system to the ability to edit audio and video tracks for the game. CryEngine is for personal and non-commercial use, but if our project thrives, we can purchase a $ 9 a month license for Steam. The most important thing? Study and learn. As you can see, there are many environments adapted to different levels of knowledge to create video games with which to try to get into the world of video games and have our title to try to win a name in the game markets.To conclude, it must be said that it is not all to download the environment and start creating games as professionals, but to invest hours, days, months and even years to master and know how to use these tools to create own quality games.

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